It has taken me quite a while to finally come round and realise how great this bit of website creation software actually is. I think, for me anyway, any software that had ‘blogging’ associated with it just didn’t seem very exciting.

The last install of this domain , I had been using Oxwall, more of a social networking package, but also brilliant in its ease of use. Joomla was another cms I had quite liked in the past, there are quite a few other ones I had liked too but I’m not going to dwell on any of them for the moment. Most, if not all had been built on foundations of open source languages like php, which I guess helps if you can program a little like me, but not a great deal.

Needless to say, after some time of use you would uncover flaws, limitations, bugs etc with all of them, the ‘cons’ so to speak, sometimes that was just to provide extra functionality, a slideshow for example. Pretty understandable. Several times I thought about writing some plugins to do what I wanted but it never happened. It was just always easier to uninstall and try another package, usually a choice of between 300-400 different ones!

I had used WordPress before on another install . It hadn’t really given me any problems thenĀ  so warranted more probing and I’m pretty glad I did another install. For me, what seperates this software from the pack behind is that it seems to have a plugin for every problem you could think of, and often not just one but a choice of several.

Combine this with ease of use (simplicity itself), an intuitive interface and customisable beyond your wildest dreams, I really have to take my hat off to the developers.

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