These trends really are of all time

“Hip hop fashion trends are not a newcomer to the fashion scene by any means. Now fashion is more essential and minimalist than before and the choice of a cut or color highlights the personality of a women, giving emphasis on her beauty and I really like this, because this shows better her own style. Paris Hilton could have just broken up with her latest guy during the morning while wearing designer jeans and top and party that same night in a silvery wisp of a dress.”

“Rockabilly music and cheap mac cosmetics¬†swept through America?in the 1950s, inspiring the Boulevard Queen look with its signature curled horns and polka-dot dresses. The Valentino runway sneaker has been a standout for a number of seasons, and the sporty-luxe footwear looks as good with a suit as it does with a pair of jeans or a cuffed trackpant.”

“Online or in the manga and graphic novel sections of the bookstore, you may have spotted a large book titled the “”Gothic & Lolita Bible.”” Since the early 2000s this seasonal magazine has been coming out in Japan, depicting in vivid photoshoots and articles on new Lolita trends, media accessories and brands.”

“It’s a look we can’t forget, though we may want to. John Travolta danced his way into our hearts in 1977’s Saturday Night Fever, and for a time, disco dance halls everywhere were crawling with men in white suits with silk shirts unbuttoned to mid-chest, gold chains and fashionable loafers.”

“This fashion week season also saw the return of the monocle earring, a style we saw dominate the market last year, back again at Prabal Gurung and 3.1 Phillip Lim. Fashion trends change, however, there are at least 10 classic men’s clothing items that never go out of style?”

“So these trends really are of all time! Fashion shows tend to wake people up to the latest styles and trends, so accepting the new technology of Google Glass should have the same effect. Some people have an innate sense for spotting trends, hence why these people are called “”innovators””, i.e: Steve Jobs.”



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