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“Hair style and color always represent characteristics and taste of individual. As of early June, one of the frontrunners for the trend of the summer appears to be tennis-inspired: prim polo shirts, A-line skirts, monochromatic halter mini dresses, and other pieces you might normally spot on the courts at Wimbledon or the U.S. Open—except, now, they’re on Instagram.”

“The Rise of Celebrity Wear Many celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon of urban fashion trends by offering their own lines of this clothing. Make your own style statement, try to follow a moderate way of fashion and style, the extreme trends of fashion and style is not suitable for day to day schedule.”

“Just as you would go to work dressed in official garments and leave all your casual attire for home or casual use, so also should you feel comfortable wearing formal uniforms when attending your classes. So, if you love the classic look of a white fashion, you’re in luck this season.”

“We’re well aware that the best part of personal style is wearing what you love and not caring what others think. More and more it appears men are searching for new ways to differentiate themselves, and one way is by wearing a well-chosen hat as a replica red bottoms heels  accessory.”

“The fabulous clothing of this decade was not only graceful and shape flattering, it was also a mix of many new styles from the early to late fifties. Since quite a long time, people had turned their eyes towards white gold and silver. In fact, the former Spice Girl is responsible for many of the trends regular women (5-inch platform shoes, anyone?) have tested out.”

“Memory lockets have become very popular in recent times and millions of people buy and use these lockets to express their emotions and feelings. But don’t get us wrong, it was still a full-time job to stay in style If your sneakers weren’t Skechers it was the end of the world, and if your skirt wasn’t actually a skort, you could forget about playing Pogs at recess.”

“Top designer brands, such as Armani Jeans, Billionaire Boys Club, Kenzo and Stone Island are stocking their shelves with the latest fashion right now, so here’s a glimpse of what you can expect to be trending in men’s fashion in the spring and summer of 2018.”



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