The rest of the world is practically slaving

“The well-dressed woman is on top of the latest trends in fashion, if for no other reason than to determine whether they can afford to add any of the outfits to their wardrobe without breaking the bank. Although many people would agree that the look was slightly manly, it was very popular during this time. Attractive woman wearing blow out Afro with Indian necklace and shorts stilettos street style showing her smooth legs. While wearing the mummy sleeves, women could only move their lower arms and hands.”

“Keep in mind, this Fall the popular color trends are neutrals, white, and black. One new fashion trend that has become very popular these days is a family name. Iconic Nerd Glasses – As with clothing, the person should be wearing the glasses, not the glasses wearing the person.”

“Choose colors that you like, and that fits your personality and lifestyle. This trend, which is more apparent in countries such as Australia and United Kingdom, is likely to be incorporated in kid’s clothing-a far cry from the current trend of flesh showing for women’s fashion.”

“When leggings became popular around 1982, they did so unobtrusively with timid gray, white and black leggings worn discreetly under skirts, dresses and even voluminous thigh-length sweaters. Few color combinations say as much as the classic black and white pairing.”

“Street fashion means that people “”dress for themselves.”” It means that regardless of what the most important fashion labels and designers are marketing to the public, the streets decide for themselves what is hip or not to wear. And boutiques like Biba and Miss Mouse that promoted and sold some of the 60s designs played major roles in endorsing the new, more relaxed and colourful clothing styles for fashionable women.”

“Louis Vuitton ‘bunny ears’, come in a variety of colors ranging from hot pink, to black. Velvet can also be a great vintage fashion, as a dress in this fabric blends beautifully with vintage touches like ankle strap shoes and vintage jewelry. One of the most popular skirt fashion will be the layered-ruffle skirt.”

“Skinny jeans, funky colors, flannels seem to be making a come back (although worn diffrently then previous decades. Vintage fashion is going to be trending this season as these add to the classy & sassy look of a person. The 80s punk girl loved wearing fishnet stockings, sexually liberating their rebellion towards the hush of inappropriate sexual suggestions and shocking many older generations.”

“Just because the rest of the world is practically slaving over oakleys australia¬†trends? Paired with a skirt, dress, shorts or jeans, sneakers have been embraced by most offices and fashion houses and is now a fashion game all its own. With a classic fit and styling, a well-made Western shirt can turn heads no matter who is wearing it. And boot-cut jeans and mens vintage trousers are always an appealing look – especially if you have the shape to pull it off!”



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